1.  Investors Business Daily:  “Tasing Arizona”

“When the Justice Department sued Arizona Tuesday for the grievous crime of protecting its border, it did more than just signal a softer policy on immigration. It also put our national security at risk.  ‘A state may not establish its own immigration policy or enforce state laws in a manner that interferes with the federal immigration laws,’  the U.S. wrote in its complaint. But Arizona isn’t “interfering” at all. It’s just doing what should be Uncle Sam’s job — protecting our border.  Arizona should get a presidential commendation, not a lawsuit. It’s bad enough that bankrupt U.S. states have found their budgets hemorrhaging red ink due to the costs associated with runaway illegal immigration, as a number of recent reports show.”

2.  Wall St. Journal:  “Suing Arizona – How not to forge an immigration reform consensus

“the Administration has gone out of its way to pander to liberal activists and other critics of the measure and inflame the already emotional issue. . . . Notably, the feds aren’t suing Arizona on equal protection grounds, despite Mr. Obama’s repeated public and polarizing claims that the law could lead to racial profiling. This, too, betrays the political cynicism behind his public denunciations.”

3.  SurveyUSAPoll shows 62% of San Diego, Californians oppose US suing Arizona over its immigration law.

4.  Boston Herald:  “Bad posture on amnesty – Funny how feds lean on Ariz., not R.I”

“Arizonans seem to take the rule of law seriously. And this is a big problem for Team Obama.  Holder is worried that trained and knowledgeable local cops will actually prove that the law is enforceable, blowing his boss’s cover.”

5.  Bloomberg:  “U.S. Sues to Block Arizona Immigration Law”

6.  Breitbart:  “US Senators assail lawsuit against Arizona immigration law”

7.  Breitbart:  “Protests of Arizona governor planned in Boston”

8.  Hot Line on Call:  “Arizona Dems Oppose Immigration Lawsuit”

9.  Breitbart:  “Feds sue to block Arizona illegal immigrant law”

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13.  Arizona Republic:  “Secure border can provide big dividends

14.   USA Today: “Opposing view on immigration: Act now to prevent profiling” – Opps! Apparently this story was written by a woman who didn’t read the US Complaint because it does not mention racial profiling.