Can Potential Employers Ask For Your Facebook Password?

ABA Journal:  Citing “a distressing increase in reports of employers or others seeking to gain inappropriate access to people’s Facebook profiles,” Facebook’s chief privacy officer warned in a Friday post on the social network’s website that the company could “initiate legal action” against employers who do so.

The comment by Erin Egan suggested that information obtained in this manner could put employers at risk of a discrimination suit, reports Reuters.

Her comment follows news last week that lawmakers in at least two states, Illinois and Maryland, are considering possible legislation to prohibit employers from pressuring job applicants to provide their Facebook passwords. Lawmakers in California and Massachusetts also are mulling such legislation, the Associated Press reports.

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Lawyer Responds To Kids’ Video Bullying His Daughter

ABA Journal:  A Houston lawyer has taken a legal approach to a video posted on Facebook by three middle school students he accuses of defaming his daughter.

First, lawyer Jason Medley notified school officials about the video and sent cease and desist letters to the three girls and their parents, the Houston Chronicle reports. The letter threatened suit if the youths didn’t stop all communication with his daughter and if their families didn’t donate at least $5,000 each to the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use.

‘Twittersquatter’ Sued for Sarcastic Tweets

ABA Journal: A company that buys life insurance policies and resells them to investors has sued a so-called Twittersquatter that used its name in sarcastic posts cheering mass disasters.

Coventry First has filed a John Doe lawsuit against the person writing under the Twitter handle @conventryfirst, report and Reuters. The complaint, filed in Philadelphia federal court, claims infringement of Coventry First’s trademark and violations of cybersquatting laws.

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