Use Lottery to gain wealth? There are other ways to improve your financial standing

There are better ways to get rich than using the lottery.  The recent mega millions frenzy produced a crop of new-rich hopefuls.  However, the old-fashioned way holds the upper hand when compared with the odds – one in seventy-five million – of winning the lottery. A few careful planning tips are likely your “luckiest” path to wealth, based on

The odds are higher that you may be struck by lightning (1 in 10,000 in your lifetime) or attacked by a shark (1 in 11.5 million) than that you will win the lottery.  But, as long as shark attacks continue and lightning bolts strike, so will the lottery – because there is always that one person of the 10,000 / 11,500,000 / 75,000,000.

Have A Happy Retirement Together With A Retirement Plan

Yahoo! Finance:  Consider this statistic: A third of all couples retire within a year of each of other.

Though there are a number of explanations regarding age and money, the answer that researchers keep coming back to is that couples really do enjoy spending time together, says Courtney Coile, an economics professor at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

It doesn’t matter if you want a house full of grandchildren, or quiet walks on the beach with your partner, to make the most of your golden years, set lifestyle goals, understand your cash flow, and create a plan for asset allocation, longevity risk and wealth transfer.

Protecting Your Retirement Savings

U.S. News & World Report: Many of us worry about what could happen to our retirement investments if our plan were to be terminated or mismanaged. Creditors can also come looking for your retirement money. Here are some protections designed to help you keep your nest egg intact.

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