ASU Spends More of Other People’s Money with New Downtown Fitness Center & Law School

Arizona Republic:  “Arizona State University’s president announced Friday that the university will begin construction on its new law school in downtown Phoenix in June 2014.  University officials want to move the school from Tempe to be closer to the core legal community in Phoenix, expand program offerings and increase enrollment. . . . ASU has yet to raise any money for the $120 million facility. ‘But that doesn’t mean anything,’ President Michael Crow said.”

As an attorney who has been practicing in Phoenix I am pleased to learn that there is a “core legal community” and it apparently is in down town Phoenix.  Now I’m very mad at myself for not knowing this fact and even more mad because I haven’t taken advantage of the core legal community.  By the way, can somebody please answer this question:  What is a core legal community?

Cash strapped City of Phoenix will allow the law school to occupy city land at no cost plus contribute $12 million of taxpayers’ money to help ASU.  Don’t worry though its all for the children so its good.

ASU proudly announced it just spent $25 million of taxpayer funds to build a super fabulous fitness center in down town Phoenix in its quest to become a world class university.  What’s next – a state of the art beer pong arena where students can vie for state, national and world records?

Goldwater Institute Sues Phoenix over Pensions

Phoenix Business Journal:  “Goldwater Institute attorneys have filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court asking a judge to force Phoenix to stop the practice of pension spiking. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of three city taxpayers.  Some county executives as well as police officers and fire fighters have been able to inflate their pension payments by cashing in unused sick leave, vacation time and in some instances deferring overtime pay so they have an inflated final salary which is part of city pension formulas.

Phoenix City Council Not Content to Lose Only $12 Million/Year on Its 8 Public Golf Courses Invests Another $1.8 Million It Doesn’t Have

Arizona Republic:  “Phoenix will spend $1.8 million to retire the $10 million debt that funded an overhaul of the Papago Golf Course.  The Phoenix City Council voted 6-2 earlier this week to spend the funds, giving the city complete control over the course. . . . DiCiccio said the city should do a comprehensive study on the city’s money-losing golf enterprise fund before spending any money on Papago.”

Phoenix Leaders Propose ‘Sin Tax’

AZCentral:  Tattoo parlors, strip clubs, escort services and “head shops” that sell items used to smoke marijuana could be the next places Phoenix turns to for revenue if the city rescinds its controversial food tax.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Councilman Tom Simplot asked management to consider what the city can do to raise money by “sin taxes” and other fees if the city considers removing the 2 percent food tax.

Gordon also wants the city to consider taxing false calls to police and fire dispatchers, as well as electronic billboards.

The suggestions came Tuesday as the Phoenix City Council discussed whether the city should move forward with repealing the food tax before its scheduled sunset in 2015.

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