Larry Klayman Sues Hillary & Bill Clinton & Clinton Foundation

Th following is the text of a press release issued by Freedom Watch on May 27, 2015:

Today, Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor, filed a civil suit against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and their family foundation alleging criminal violations under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”). The suit was filed before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Civil Action No. 9:15-cv-80388. A copy of the complaint can be viewed at

The lawsuit alleges a pattern over ten years of the Clintons engaging in two or more predicate acts constituting a criminal enterprise, designed to enrich them personally. In this regard, Klayman alleges that the Clintons – through mail and wire fraud, and various false statements – misappropriated documents which he was entitled to receive and possess under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) concerning Hillary Clinton’s involvement in releasing Israeli war and cyber-warfare plans and practices. The complaint alleges that Hillary Clinton orchestrated this release to harm and thwart Israeli plans to preemptively attack Iranian nuclear sites to stop the Islamic nation’s march to producing atomic weapons. Another FOIA request called for the production of Mrs. Clinton’s and other State Department’s records which refer or relate to the granting of waivers for persons, companies, countries and other interests to do business with Iran, thereby undermining the economic sanctions. These acts are alleged to be the result of the defendants selling government influence in exchange for bribes from interests which have donated to The Clinton Foundation, paid huge speaking fees to the Clintons and other means. The present email scandal is alleged to cover up evidence of these and other related crimes by hiding emails that would incriminate the Clintons and their foundation.

Klayman issued this statement:

“This is the first and only hard-hitting case to address the growing email scandal. What Hillary Clinton, her husband, and their foundation have done is nothing new. It is simply part of a criminal enterprise which dates back at least 10 years, all designed to enrich themselves personally at the expense of the American people and our nation. It’s time, however, that they finally be held legally accountable.”

The first paragraph of the Complaint states:

Plaintiff sues the Defendants, as individuals operating a criminal enterprise, for violating Plaintiff’s statutory rights to obtain documents under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), 5 U.S.C. § 552, for violating Plaintiff’s due process rights, vested property rights, constitutional rights, and for misappropriating property. The Defendants have systematically and continuously, over the last ten (10) years and more, conducted a corrupt enterprise in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (“RICO”) Act, all of which acts are continuing in nature

See the Complaint.

Yelp Sues Law Firm For Posting Fake Reviews

TechDirt:  “Many sites that include user reviews work pretty hard to scrub the obviously fake ones, but it appears Yelp has taken that to a new level, deciding to sue a law firm for posting fake reviews. . . . Yelp is arguing that when McMillan employees created fake accounts in order to post bogus positive reviews for their own firm, they violated the terms of service of the site. . . . the lawsuit focuses on some specific charges including breach of contract, intentional interference with contractual relations, unfair competition and false advertising.”

See the Complaint.

Abercrombie & Fitch Bad for Firing Muslim Woman for Wearing Head Scarf

Wall St. Journal:  “A federal judge in California ruled last week that clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Co. discriminated against a Muslim employee on religious grounds, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Monday. The lawsuit was filed by the EEOC in 2011 on behalf of Umme-Hani Khan, a Muslim who was fired in February 2010 because her head scarf didn’t conform to the company’s dress code called its ‘Look Policy’.”

Ex-players Sue NFL FIlms Over Game Footage

Associated Press:  “Ten former NFL players, including five Hall of Famers, are asking the league and its production arm to pay up.  On Tuesday, a group that includes Curley Culp and John Riggins filed a class-action suit in U.S. District Court in New Jersey to reclaim payment for the use of their names, images and likenesses from film footage they say was used on NFL Network and to promote the league without the ex-players consent.”

New Health Care Ruling May Not Change Tide  The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of some provisions of the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare).  At this point, however, an article in explains why analysts expect that the ruling will not change the tide that will cause more employees in Arizona to pay more fees for health care.  Employers are choosing plans that force employees to front the first $1000 to $10,000 of their health care before their coverage begins.  As a result, an increasingly well-researched population of patients will use the internet to pick and choose which procedures they can afford just as they might pick from a cafeteria line.  This seems to set up patients and doctors alike for failure.  Lawyers, however, should become busier drafting waivers and releases to ensure doctors are able to perform the services patients request in these isolated circumstances.

Pain And Suffering – How Much Is Enough?  Have you been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault?  No, we’re not hawking legal services on television.  We just want to let you know that you may need to bring a serious claim if you’re hoping to collect on the pain and suffering.  This article details the factors that jurors may consider:

  • The age of the injured victim. Younger victims may get larger pain-and-suffering damages, if they will have to deal with pain for the rest of their lives.
  • The type of injury. Brain injuries, and injuries that cause continuing physical pain, will generally result in larger awards.
  • How the injury affects the victim. This includes consideration of past, present, and future pain and suffering — including the certainty of future pain.

Man Arrested For Twin Brother’s Crime  Mitch Torbett was arrested in Tennessee for a crime committed by his identical – and deceased – twin brother.  He’s suing authorities for the 36 hours he spent in jail and according to this article, he won’t likely win.

Landmark Mortgage Fraud Case Resurrected in Florida According to this article, a landmark Florida case will be heard this week by the Florida Supreme Court.  The Court weighed in on its reasoning for hearing a twice-dismissed action:

“The question certified to us by the Fourth District Court of Appeal in this case transcends the individual parties to this action because it has the potential to impact the mortgage foreclosure crisis throughout this state and is one on which Florida’s trial courts and litigants need guidance,” the supreme court wrote. “The legal issue also has implications beyond mortgage foreclosure actions. Because we agree with the Fourth District that this issue is indeed one of great public importance and in need of resolution by this court, we deny the parties’ request to dismiss this proceeding.”

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