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Arizona For-Profits May Now Use .org In Domain Name

abajournal: Arizona for-profits may now use .org in domain name.  The State Bar has reconsidered its prohibition on the use, according to this article: That’s the same conclusion an Arizona ethics panel reached in reconsidering a decade-old decision, which was based on state laws prohibiting lawyers from making false statements about their services. The original…

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Gripe Site Prevails in Domain Cybersquatting Case

Jacqui Cheng of Law & Disorder reports on the results of cybersquatting case where the defendant prevailed because it was a website that was critical of the trademark owner.  The article begins: “A gripe site that incorporates a company’s entire trademark into its domain is still protected under the First Amendment, a US District Judge…

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Court Applies Calder Effects Test in Typosquatting Case

E-Commerce Law:  “The Plaintiff, Weather Underground, Inc. (‘Weather Underground’), is a commercial weather services that indexes information provided to it by multiple weather stations and generates revenue from subscriptions and advertisements.   The primary Defendant, Navigation Catalyst Systems, Inc. (‘NCS’), is a domain name holding company which acquires generic and descriptive domain names in bulk….

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Was the Court’s Order that a Cybersquatter to Turn Over 700 Domain Names that Incorporated Names of Non-appearing Parties to a Plaintiff Proper?

Digital Media Lawyer Blog:  “In a recent ruling, a judge in the Central District of California ordered a defendant in a cybersquatting case to turn over hundreds of domain names that incorporated the names of professional athletes to the plaintiff, Toronto Raptors power forward Christopher Bosh. . . . See Bosh v. Zavala . ….