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Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Law that Changed Judge Selection Process

Arizona Republic:  “The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Friday that a new state law changing the nominating process for appeals court judges is unconstitutional because it makes a fundamental change in the balance of power between a voter-approved nominating commission and the governor.  The high court said in its ruling that the law directly conflicts with…

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Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Causes Mesa to Rewrite Anti-Tattoo Parlor Ordinance

Arizona Republic:  “Stung by an adverse ruling from the Arizona Supreme Court, Mesa is drastically loosening its rules on tattoo parlors. . . . With legal help from the Goldwater Institute, the Colemans sued Mesa, charging that the city had quashed their First Amendment right to artistic expression.  Last September, the Arizona Supreme Court sided…

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Arizona’s anti-abortion Medicaid law struck down

Arizona Republic:  “Arizona has lost another battle in its ongoing war to restrict abortions, adding to a growing list of defeats this year for the state’s anti-abortion movement.  On Thursday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Arizona cannot strip Medicaid funding from doctors and clinics that perform abortions, upholding a lower-court ruling. …

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Texting While Driving in Arizona

Arizona Republic:  “Almost every state has responded to rising smartphone use with a law banning drivers from texting, many in the past few years.   Arizona is one of nine states that have yet to make that leap, according to a Governors Highway Safety Association report released in July.”

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Phoenix Dog-Fighting Ring Busted A dog-fighting ring in Phoenix was busted recently and nine people have been arrested.  Two more spectators left with injured dogs, which were never found.  Dog-fighting is usually associated with other illegalities.  There is a strong body of evidence that animal cruelty is linked to other crimes, particularly crimes against humans.  According to the…

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Arizona For-Profits May Now Use .org In Domain Name

abajournal: Arizona for-profits may now use .org in domain name.  The State Bar has reconsidered its prohibition on the use, according to this article: That’s the same conclusion an Arizona ethics panel reached in reconsidering a decade-old decision, which was based on state laws prohibiting lawyers from making false statements about their services. The original…