1.  Investors Business Daily:  “Shootout At El Paso City Hall”

“In his speech Thursday, President Obama assured us that our “southern border is more se cure today than at any time in the past 20 years.” So why is El Paso’s City Hall taking fire from Mexico?”

2.  Real Clear Politics:  “Obama Plays Election-Year Politics on Immigration

3.  The Hill:  “DeMint: Will be tough for Obama to get GOP behind his immigration reform

4.  Arizona Republic:  “Cartels use kids to bring drugs across United States-Mexico border

5.  Arizona Republic:  “21 killed in rival Mexican gang shootout near U.S.-Arizona border

6.  Numbers USA:  “No Concern For U.S. Unemployed In President’s Big Amnesty Speech This Morning

“Once again Pres. Obama has shown that he considers immigration to be primarily a game of political calculation rather than an issue that deeply affects how many millions of U.S. workers must remain unemployed.”