Man Says Weed In Buttocks Is His, Cocaine’s Not

Hollywood can never create stories are bizarre as real life events.  Cop stops dude and smells marijuana.  Cop searches dude and finds a bag of weed in dude’s crack plus 27 pieces of rock cocaine.  Dude admits the pot is his but says he is not the owner of the cocaine.

Man Sues Lawyer for $38 Quadrillion – Whatever that Is?

A man who sued a lawyer’s client for $918 billion also sued the lawyer for $38,000,000,000,000,000 – that’s $38 quadrillion for those of us that are big number challenged.  This case might give us the answer to the legal question:  Is a quadrillion more or less than a zillion?  If he wins, I am going to go out on a limb and predict the plaintiff will have a hard time collecting all of the judgment.   Would the plaintiff settle the case if offered $1 quadrillion?  FYI:  a billion has 9 zeros, a trillion has 12 zeros and a quadrillion has 15 zeros.

Man Arrested for OSWI – Operating Stroller While Intoxicated

A man pushing his two kids in a stroller was charged by police for “child endangering and intoxication.”  A court found the man guilty as charged.  My fear is that this case will unleash a new wave of OSWI lawyers and OSWI ads on TV and the sides of buses.

15 of the Most Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuits

Pop Crunch:  “Whether they are the plaintiffs or defense, celebrities are consistently entertaining when they become involved in legal matters. Although basically any lawsuit involving a celebrity is guaranteed to be entertaining, not all cases are created equal. Here are 15 of the most ridiculous celebrity lawsuits of all time.”  The cases summarized in the story are:

  • Courtney Love vs. American Express
  • Lindsay Lohan vs. E-Trade
  • Elvis Presley Enterprise vs. Some Psycho
  • Johnny Carson vs. Here’s Johnny Portable Toilets
  • Elizabeth Taylor vs. Her Gardener
  • Steven Seagal vs. Kayden Nguyen
  • Allen Heckard vs. Michael Jordan and Phil Knigh
  • Evelyn Lozada vs. Vanessa Davis
  • Sacha Baron Cohen vs. Richelle Olson
  • Anne Burrell vs. Her Former Employees
  • Miley Cyrus vs. Asian-Pacific Islanders
  • Carrie Prejean vs. The Miss USA Pageant
  • Men At Work vs. The Guy Who Wrote the “Kookaburra” Song
  • Neil Young vs. David Geffen
  • Ron Livingston vs. Some Nerd on Wikipedia

More Evidence that the American Education System Gets an F for Not Educating Americans

I love Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” where he goes on the street and asks people simple questions about the United States.  It’s funny, but very sad.  Americans can tell you who won American Idol, but don’t have a clue about the history of our great country.  This video is about the 4th of July and U.S. history.  Do an experiment and ask people under 45 the questions Jay asks.  The American education system has failed recent generations of Americans because it has not educated young people.  At the end of the segment, Jay asks a grandfather the questions that stumped the other people and he rattles correct and immediate answers to every question.  It’s proof that at one time the U.S. education system educated young people about the history of the United States.

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