National Weather Service, Post Office & Other Federal Agencies Buying Ammo

Newsmax:  “Add the U.S. Postal Service to the list of federal agencies seeking to purchase . . . alarmingly large quantities of ammunition.  A little more than a year ago, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point” bullets.  Before that, it was the Department of Agriculture requesting 320,000 rounds. More recently, the Department of Homeland Security raised eyebrows with its request for 450 million rounds — at about the same time the FBI separately sought 100 million hollow-point rounds.”

Obamanomics Is Ticking Time Bomb For Millennial Generation

Investors Business Daily:  “My generation — 80 million strong — is experiencing economic distress as a direct result of the failed leadership and policies of the Obama administration.  The economic purgatory into which millennials have been cast by Father Government is one of constant turmoil and statistical roadblock.  The unemployment rate for all Americans ticked up to 6.7% in February. But when it comes to millennials, the jobless numbers are far different. Youth unemployment now stands at a staggering 15.8%, and this doesn’t even give the whole picture.”

ASU Spends More of Other People’s Money with New Downtown Fitness Center & Law School

Arizona Republic:  “Arizona State University’s president announced Friday that the university will begin construction on its new law school in downtown Phoenix in June 2014.  University officials want to move the school from Tempe to be closer to the core legal community in Phoenix, expand program offerings and increase enrollment. . . . ASU has yet to raise any money for the $120 million facility. ‘But that doesn’t mean anything,’ President Michael Crow said.”

As an attorney who has been practicing in Phoenix I am pleased to learn that there is a “core legal community” and it apparently is in down town Phoenix.  Now I’m very mad at myself for not knowing this fact and even more mad because I haven’t taken advantage of the core legal community.  By the way, can somebody please answer this question:  What is a core legal community?

Cash strapped City of Phoenix will allow the law school to occupy city land at no cost plus contribute $12 million of taxpayers’ money to help ASU.  Don’t worry though its all for the children so its good.

ASU proudly announced it just spent $25 million of taxpayer funds to build a super fabulous fitness center in down town Phoenix in its quest to become a world class university.  What’s next – a state of the art beer pong arena where students can vie for state, national and world records?

Scottsdale Sued Over Money Paid to Golf Course

Arizona Republic:  “Scottsdale is fighting a lawsuit filed by two residents who claim the city’s contribution toward improvements at the McDowell Mountain Golf Club constitutes an illegal subsidy. . . . John Washington, a former Scottsdale mayoral candidate, and Mark Stuart, a business owner, sued Scottsdale after the City Council signed off on a deal to contribute $1.5 million toward renovations at the north Scottsdale clubhouse.

New Health Care Ruling May Not Change Tide  The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of some provisions of the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare).  At this point, however, an article in explains why analysts expect that the ruling will not change the tide that will cause more employees in Arizona to pay more fees for health care.  Employers are choosing plans that force employees to front the first $1000 to $10,000 of their health care before their coverage begins.  As a result, an increasingly well-researched population of patients will use the internet to pick and choose which procedures they can afford just as they might pick from a cafeteria line.  This seems to set up patients and doctors alike for failure.  Lawyers, however, should become busier drafting waivers and releases to ensure doctors are able to perform the services patients request in these isolated circumstances.

Federal Workers Make Nearly Double the Pay of Private Sector Workers

Breitbart:  “the average private sector worker in America earns $61,000 annually in pay, pension benefits, and health care benefits.   That compares to state and local government workers who make $80,000 and federal workers who bag $120,000 taxpayer dollars in pay, pension, and benefits.”

City of Glendale Can’t Pay$25 Million It Stupidly Promised to Pay the NHL to Keep Hockey in Glendale

Arizona Republic:  “Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs wants the National Hockey League to give the city  a break on a $25 million payment that could become due in May for the Phoenix  Coyotes’ latest season. . . . Glendale is looking at a shortfall next fiscal year that one councilwoman has  estimated could reach $30 million.”

This is what happens with government goes into business with taxpayer money.

Energy Department Offers $100,000 to Create Mobile Apps that Already Exist

The Daily Caller:  “The Department of Energy announced Thursday a $100,000 prize for software developers to come up with mobile applications to tell consumers how much energy they are using.  But there’s already an app for that.  A quick scan of the iTunes and Android markets shows nearly two dozen existing applications that accomplish the same purpose — helping users keep track of their energy consumption at home.”

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