Los Angeles Times:  “A proposed law would require new homes, larger developments and some redevelopments in Los Angeles to capture and reuse runoff generated in rainstorms.  The ordinance approved in January by the Department of Public Works would require such projects to capture, reuse or infiltrate 100% of runoff generated in a 3/4 -inch rainstorm or to pay a storm water pollution mitigation fee that would help fund off-site, low-impact public developments.”

Why not require all new homes to have a mini-nuclear power plant so the homes do not use electricity produced by the few power generating facilities that provide power to California?  Why not require that all waste water  (toilet water, kitchen sink water, etc.) be recaptured and processed in a self-contained mini-water recycling system in all new homes?  Why not require people to check the amount of air in their car tires and put them in jail if the do not?  Oops, I forgot, California already wants to do that.  See “Kalifornia Tire Nazis Will Fine & Imprison People Who Don’t Check Tire Inflation.”