Instead of allowing the construction of more power plants in California so that Californians could have cheaper energy, the unelected five member California Energy Commission decided it is better to have fewer power plants so that the demand for electricity will exceed the capacity to generate it with the result that all Californians will pay more and get less.  This is what happens when the governing elites ignore the laws of supply and demand.

Given that Californians don’t have enough electricity and it’s only going to get worse, the California Energy Commission voted 5-0 to require all TVs under 58 inches to meet CEC dictated energy standards beginning in 2011 with even tougher standards beginning in 2013.  When the TV energy use requirements are fully in place, California will still not have enough power plants to supply all of the power needed by its residents so the CEC will have to find more more ways to restrict the freedom of California citizens.