Yesterday the Connecticut Democrat party picked the proven liar and war-hero-wanna-be Richard Blumenthal to be its candidate for Chris Dodd’s seat in the United States Senate.  New York Times:  “Broader newspaper archival searches have continued to turn up claims by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut that he was a Vietnam War veteran, even though he did not serve in the war. . . . ‘In Vietnam,’ Mr. Blumenthal said, according to the article, ‘we had to endure taunts and insults, and no one said, ‘Welcome home.’ I say welcome home’.””

The liar repeatedly said that he was insulted and degraded by people when he returned from Vietnam.  Not having served in Vietnam, he bought into and repeated a lie perpetrated by the media – that Vietnam vets were the subject of ridicule and insults.  I was in the United States Air Force from September of 1970 to May of 1976.  Five of those years I was stationed in the U.S.  I almost always lived in town, not on base, and wore my uniform to and from work.  Not once did anybody ever insult me or give me grief because I was in the military or because I served in Vietnam.  I do not remember any of my military friends ever having it happen to them.

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