The State of Arizona is $3.2 billion in the whole.  Phoenix has a budget deficit of $244 million.  Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, the three cities that participate in the 20 mile light rail system, are cutting bus services because of lack of funds.  Buses serve more people and cost substantially less than light rail.  A group of rail huggers is putting its head in the sand and planning on the future expansion of the Phoenix area light rail system.

Isn’t the goal of public transportation to move people?  Why would any city ever pay for light rail over bus service.  Buses are mobile and their routes can be adjusted to meet changes to maximize the number of riders and the areas served.  Light rail is fixed and cannot change its route to go where the riders are and take them to where they want to go.  Why would any responsible intelligent person ever chose rail over buses for transportation in a sprawling urban environment?  See the story in the Arizona Republic.