If you ride the Phoenix area light rail, watch out for the train police.  The Phoenix area light rail works on the honor system.  To date, there is no system in place to take tickets or insure that riders have paid or are riding on a pass.  It’s the honor system.  There may not be a free lunch, but for too many there is a free light rail in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa.  Valley Metro and Tempe are joining forces to try to reduce the number of free-loaders on the light rail.  The light rail police will be stopping riders at random as they exit at selected stops and asking to see proof that the rider purchased a ticket or has a pass.  People that cannot prove they bought a ticket or have a pass will be cited and subject to fines of $70 – $500.  By checking at arrival rather than departure some people who buy tickets may discard their tickets on the train and not be able to produce the ticket after the train departs the arrival stop.