Patricia Alston spent a lot of money to become a member of Phoenix Country Club in 2005, but she apparently failed to investigate the club before joining because she sued the Phoenix Country Club for discriminating against women.  After becoming a member, Ms. Alston claims she learned that men had certain privileges not given to women such as a men’s grill and men only golf tournaments.  Five years after joining the PCC she sued the club to get back the money she paid to become a member.  You’d think an intelligent person who was going to pay a lot of money to join an exclusive private social club would have asked a lot of women members and wives of male members about how women members are treated differently than men before joining the club.

This is the second time the Phoenix Country Club has been involved in allegations of sex discrimination in the last few years.  In 2007, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard did not have enough on his plate so he took it upon himself to correct what he saw was a very serious state-wide issue – the inability of rich white women to eat in the Phoenix Country Club’s men’s grill with the rich white men, even though the club had a food and beverage area that was for women only.

See the Patricia W. Alston vs. Phoenix Country Club complaint.