A timely commentary in the Philadelphia Inquirer on February 10, 2010, raises a point that is probably going through the minds of many people who have suffered in the blizzards this winter in the United States.  Instead of empowering the federal food police to prevent kids from eating candy bars in school, why not pass a law that regulates the amount of snow that can be dumped on cities?  Yes, it would require bipartisan support to over come the Republicans’ filibuster.  Yes, there would be litigation to determine if the law is constitutional.  Nevertheless, it’s another problem that government cannot solve, but simply passing the law would give the congressmen and senators some good PR at a time when they really need it.  The author suggests a penny tax on snow shovels, but recognizes the tax could lead some congressmen and senators to seek snow-shovel tax exemptions in their states and start a new round Cornhusker kickbacks and Louisiana purchases.