In its current state, legal education and the legal profession are not as close as you might think, in a system where law students engage in an overwhelmingly scholarly pursuit rather than professional education. This arrangement has worked for many years, but some experts say a change is coming, fueled by a declining economy, ultra-competitive job market, and the growing need for practice-ready legal graduates. We’ve found 10 interesting predictions for the future of law school, from no-frills law degrees to law schools with Enron-style accounting. Read on for an interesting look into what might represent the law school of the future.

1. It will look more like medical school: We’re likely to see an accelerated curriculum in law school, followed by more hands-on experience, much like medical school. Some schools like Northwestern have adopted this model, with a year of case method, a year of clinical, followed by a final year of externship in an area of focus. Experts believe this type of law school education would allow for a more practical legal education and a fast track to employment for law grads.

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