Tax Prof Blog: 

  • The Economy is Terrible:  “This one seems obvious, but the contretemps of the other day has convinced me that we would be better off starting with the bad news so that law students can make some smart and tough decisions at the outset.”
  • You Are Enrolled in “Job-Hunting and the Law”:  “It’s easy to put the job hunt last after a long list of other duties and to work at it lackadaisically. I recommend instead that you treat the job hunt as one of your principal enrolled courses.”
  • It’s Your Money and Your Degree:  “
    [I]f you’re going to spend three years and a good deal of money in law school, it’s up to you to make the most of it.”
  • Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Arrested:  “Talking in class, and other ways of throwing yourself into the mix, is a terrific, bad-consequence-free way of actually starting to practice at being a lawyer. Take advantage.

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