TheCareerist: This article discusses the troubles some law grads laid off from BigLaw jobs cannot find jobs, and how there soon could be a lost generation of lawyers.  The article states:

“Normalcy has returned to the profession–but not for everyone. Certainly not the so-called Lost Generation–those unlucky newbie lawyers who lost their jobs (or never got one) during the recession. Remember them?

They are still there, pressing their noses against the thick law firm windows. I hear from them every now and then, and this is their message to the profession: We’re still looking for jobs. And if you’re hiring again, why won’t you give us a look?

Sadly, they know the answer. “There’s a glut of us,” says a 2009 law graduate who got laid off from an Am Law 100 firm after less than four months on the job. And though they’re told that it’s not their fault that their careers derailed prematurely, few firms think of them as associate material.”

And some of the ones who have not found jobs have resorted to suing their law schools like the former Thomas Jefferson law grad.