The bad news is that Obamacare is very expensive and many businesses cannot afford to pay the increased costs of health insurance for employees.  The good news for businesses with friends in high places is that they have gotten a waiver to opt out of Obamacare.  To date, the Department of Health & Human Services has granted 111 waivers to businesses and unions allowing them to not comply with parts of Obamacare.   DHHS says:

“Applications for waivers from annual limit requirements are reviewed on a case by case basis by Department officials who look at a series of factors including whether or not a premium increase is large or if a significant number of  enrollees would lose access to their current plan because the coverage would not be offered in the absence of a waiver.  More detailed information on specific criteria can be found at:  Approved applicants are granted an annual limit waiver for one year.  The Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight’s sub-regulatory guidance on the process for obtaining waivers of the annual limits requirements may be found at:”

See “Waiver-mania! The ever-expanding Obamacare escapee list” and “Unreal. SEIU Local 25 and 12 Other Union Groups Receive Obamacare Waivers.”