The vote count on Arizona Proposition 203 is now official.  The Arizona Secretary of State finished counting all of the November 2, 2010, ballots, and voters approved the sale and use of medical marijuana in Arizona.  Yes votes out numbered No votes by 4,341.  The final vote count is:

No   = 837,005 = 49.87%

Yes = 841,346 = 50.13%

More Arizonans (1,678,351) voted on Proposition 203 than any other proposition on the November 2, 2010, ballot.

See stories in the Arizona Republic called “Arizona voters have approved medical marijuana measure” and “Arizona pot measure pulls ahead by 4,421 votes.”

To learn more about Arizona’s new medical marijuana law, see my article called “Arizona Proposition 203 – Legalization of Medical Marijuana” and the actual “Text of Prop 203 that Would Legalize the Prescription and Sale of Medical Marijuana in Arizona.”

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