The Los Angeles Times reports that Los Angeles County is now spending $1.6 billion a year on only three illegal immigration items:

  • $600 million a year for welfare and food stamps for children of US citizenship being raised by parents who are illegal aliens
  • $500 million a year on healthcare for illegals
  • $550 million a year on public safety costs, mostly the costs to jail criminals who are illegal aliens.

A Pew Center study found that 2.7 million children of illegal alien parents were born into U.S. citizenship in 2003, but the number rose to 4 million in 2007.

Makes one wonder what the total cost to Los Angeles County is for all illegal immigration related expenses.  It’s clear now why LA must oppose Arizona’s illegal immigration law, SB 1070.  If Arizona’s law were to go into effect, the law would cause a big increase in illegals moving into LA County instead of going to Arizona.  The result would mean the broke county would have to pay many more millions to support the increase in its illegal immigrant population.