Bedbugs are infesting America and its hotels and motels.  Before you book a room, you may want to check the bedbug registry to see if anybody has reported a problem at place where you intend to stay.  For an in depth story on bedbugs in the U.S., see the New York Times story “They Crawl, They Bite, They Baffle Scientists.”  See also a September 4, 2010, editorial in the New York Times called “In Search of a Bedbug Solution.”

“Don’t be too quick to dismiss the common bedbug as merely a pestiferous six-legged blood-sucker.”

USA Today has a bedbug story called “Bedbugs bite pop singer Lauren Hildebrandt in NYC luxury hotel.”  See also “The bedbug can breathe easy in Ohio; Feds won’t OK bedbug killer,” “Letting the Bedbugs Bite” and “Bedbug fighters pleading for help,” which states:

“governments have been reluctant to treat the pests as a public problem.  ‘The response is just totally inadequate,’ said Susan Jones, an Ohio State University entomologist and member of the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force. ‘There has been so little done’.”