More evidence that many educators are complete idiots, if not downright dangerous and harmful to children.  NBC Miami:  “The 8-year-old boy hasn’t been in school for a year and will likely miss another year if the Broward County School Board has its way.  Burgos was suspended from school in November after a teacher found a toy gun in his backpack.”

Why not make the kid write 100 times on the blackboard “I will not bring toy guns to school?” or suspend him for a few days?  Is it really such a terrible thing to bring a toy gun to a school?  Why can’t the educators distinguish the difference between a toy and the real thing – the former is a toy and the latter is a dangerous weapon.  Do we really want educators to teach our kids that toy guns are bad?  Shouldn’t that be the responsibility of the child’s parents?  Why aren’t the educators concerned about the adverse affect the child will suffer for missing two years of school and then being two years older than the other kids in the class when he does return?