One of the reasons I have formed over 2,600 Arizona companies since 2001 is my information “how to” articles on my website.  I am happy to announce that I just revised my popular article called “How to Form an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation.”  I updated the article to include the current fees to file an IRS Form 1023 and to reflect changes in Arizona nonprofit corporation law and federal tax-exempt organization laws.  I added new text that explains why I think it is a big, big mistake for people to form do-it-yourself nonprofit corporations.  There is much more to forming a nonprofit corporation than just submitting the three page fill in the blanks form Articles of Incorporation found on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s website.

I also just published a new article called “Arizona Nonprofit Corporation Formation Service,” which explains in detail the 24 services I perform and the 16 documents I prepare when I am hired to form an Arizona nonprofit corporation for $1,319.  That is $62/lawyer prepared document.  This guaranteed fixed fee includes the $75 Arizona Corporation Commission expedited filing fee, publication cost of $175, $72 for a corporate minute book with corporate seal, and the postage to mail the minute book to the corporation.

If you have questions about forming or operating an Arizona nonprofit corporation, please call me at at 602-906-4953, ext. 1.  I don’t charge to answer questions over the phone about forming or operating Arizona nonprofits.

If you are ready to hire me to form your Arizona nonprofit, complete my online Nonprofit Corporation Incorporation Questionnaire.  You may pay with a credit card or by check.