1. Investors Business Daily:  “Judging Arizona”

If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: The federal government has no intent of enforcing the laws against rampant and brazen illegal immigration. Indeed, it will punish those states that try, leaving them at the mercy of the kidnappers, terrorists, gangsters, drug dealers and human traffickers that now freely cross our southern border.”

2.  Hot Air:  “Arizona governor: Today the courts told the feds that they don’t have to do their job; Update: Huge win for the right, says … Chris Matthews

3.  New York Times:  “Judge Blocks Key Parts of Immigration Law in Arizona

4.  Los Angeles Times:  “Federal judge blocks key parts of Arizona immigration law”

5.  Wall St. Journal:  “Judge Blocks Key Parts of Immigration Law in Arizona

6.  Arizona Daily Star:  “Judge blocks vital parts of Arizona immigration law

7.  Arizona Republic:  “Arizona immigration law: Key parts halted by judge

8.  CBS KPHO Channel 5:  “Reaction To Immigration Law Ruling”\

9.  Associated Press:  “Justice says judge ruled correctly in Arizona case”

10.  National Review:  “What’s Left Unsaid”

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