The City of Tempe, Arizona, must be asking “how much does it cost to replace a billion gallons of water?” after one of the rubber dam units burst allowing the water in the lake behind the dam to leave the fake lake high and not so dry.  Arizona Republic:  “Tempe Town Lake overnight became a bog after one of the four inflatable bladders at the west end of the lake exploded around 9:44 p.m., sending a wall of water into the Salt River bed.  On Wednesday morning swampy patches of earth could be seen in many parts of the lake bed, with standing water in the center.”

See the photos and”Sides trade blame over collapse

“Bridgestone Industrial Products, which built the dam, said it warned Tempe for more than a decade that the inflatable-rubber bladders needed to be kept cool and moist to compensate for the Valley’s severe heat and sunlight.”

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The unspoken and unanswered questions are how much money will cash-strapped Tempe have to spend to fix the dams and restore the lake and should it do so in light of its budget crisis?