The National Association for Legal Career Professionals (NALP) issued a press release about the employment status of the 40,833 2009 law school graduates.  “NALP’s Class of 2009 Jobs & JDs report is based on information submitted by 192 ABA-accredited law schools on 96% of the graduates in the Class of 2009. . . . The national median salary for the Class of 2009, based on those working full-time and reporting a salary, was $72,000, unchanged from that for the Class of 2008, and the national mean was $93,454. However, because some large law firm salaries cluster in the $160,000 range while many other salaries cluster in the $40,000–$65,000 range, relatively few salaries were actually near the median or mean.”

“The overall employment rate of 88.3% for Class of 2009 graduates for whom employment status was known represents a 3.6 percentage point drop from the recent historical high of 91.9% for the Class of 2007 . . . nearly 25% of all jobs were reported as temporary . . . .”

See the “Salary Distribution Curve.”  For more on the NALP’s findings about the class of 2009, read Employment for the Class of 2009 — Selected Findings or view the May press release about the findings.