On May 19, 2010, President Obama and the leader of a country that has a no-nonsense put the aliens in jail policy joined to attack the State of Arizona for wanting to enforce the existing United States immigration laws.  Mexican President and hypocrite Felipe Calderon, with President Obama at his side, said:

“We gave special attention to border matters.  We retain our firm opposition to criminalize immigration.”

It was understood by all present and the main stream media that President Calderon meant he only opposed criminalization of immigration laws by Arizona, not by the United States or Mexico where aliens must carry papers at all times and can be jailed for two years if in Mexico illegally or ten years for a second offense.

Both Presidents forgot to mention the recent Amnesty International Report called “Widespread Abuse of Migrants in Mexico is Human Rights Crisis” and if they had read the actual text of the new Arizona law.   The former University of Chicago law school lecturer attacked Arizona with the leader of Mexico because he forgot the presidential oath of office he took in which he promised to defend the United States.

See the Los Angeles Times story called “Presidents of Mexico, U.S. slam Arizona law on undocumented immigrants.”  See also “President Calderon: Migrant workers face discrimination in AZ,” another story in which President Calderon and the media fail to mention Mexico’s human rights abuse of illegal immigrants migrants in Mexico.