Macro Express is a very inexpensive software program that is a tremendous time saver.  I have used it every day in my law practice since December of 2007 when I purchased my first license.  Macro Express has saved me hundreds of hours of time.   Everybody in my small law firm uses Macro Express and loves it.

We use Macro Express to zap text (short, medium and long) into any program displayed on the computer screen.  If you are like me and most people who spend time in front of a computer, there are many times when you will type the same thing over and over.  Imagine if you could type text once and then on you command have the exact text inserted automatically where you want it to go?  Think of all the time you would save.

In my practice, people are constantly asking me the same questions over and over by email.  With Macro Express, I can respond to a question for the umpteenth time in a matter of seconds.  I just invoke the macro short key command and Macro Express then inserts the text that I wrote previously one time.  A macro can be a single letter or digit or an unlimited number of pages of text.  You create each macro and decide what the macro will say.  After you create a macro, you can easily edit it if necessary.

Macro Express is the premier Windows macro utility.  With Macro Express, you can record, edit and play back mouse and keyboard macros. Its powerful tools and robust features will make you more productive.

Why Use Macros?

A macro is a series of written instructions or recorded keystrokes and mouse actions.  With a single keystroke, play back these activities at a much faster speed than can be performed manually. Eliminate wasted time and the risk of error that typically occur when performing repetitive tasks.  Do It Smarter, Faster & Cheaper.  Macro Express pays for itself after just a few hours of increased productivity.

  • Automate boring, repetitive computer tasks.
  • Get the job done quicker, more reliably and with less stress.
  • Reduce wear and tear on wrists and hands.

Richard Keyt’s Macro Express Demo Video

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If you are a power computer user, you may want to purchase Macro Express Pro, which has dozens of new features designed for the advanced macro user.  To compare the standard vs. Pro, see the comparison table.

Buy Macro Express Pro now for $59.95 by clicking on the following link to go to the Macro Express website to purchase and download this great program.

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Disclosure:  If you buy the program, I get 30% of the purchase price.  I have recommended this program on my website for many years, but before June 24, 2010, I never received anything for my recommendations.  P.S.  I do not recommend any software that I do not personally use and give the highest rating.