Don’t tell Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, but the New York Times article “Florida Suit Poses a Challenge to Health Care Law” says:

“Some legal scholars, including some who normally lean to the left, believe the states have identified the law’s weak spot and devised a credible theory for eviscerating it.”

Arizona’s Attorney General refused to do his job and cause Arizona to sue to overturn Obamacare.  In a press release, Gooddard said:

“My Office has carefully examined both the federal health care legislation and the lawsuits challenging it. Our lawyers agree with the overwhelming majority of constitutional scholars of both parties that the lawsuits have little merit”

See “Arizona Attorney General Won’t Challenge Obamacare.”  Mr. Attorney General should order his constitutional scholars to read carefully the New York Times article in hopes they might learn something.  Because of the Attorney General’s dereliction of his duty, the Arizona legislature was forced to pass a law authorizing Governor Brewer to hire non-attorney general lawyers to sue on behalf of Arizona to overturn Obamacare.  Twenty states  that lacked the wisdom of Arizona’s Attorney General’s constitutional scholars have now sued to overturn the new healthcare law.