“A Western Michigan University student is giving a Kalamazoo towing company a costly lesson in customer service and the power of the Internet.  After getting nowhere with the company and paying $118 to get his car back, Kurtz created a Facebook page, “Kalamazoo Residents Against T&J Towing,” which has attracted more than 11,000 members since February, many with similar complaints about the company.”

Since creating the Facebook page: (1)  T&J sued the young student for $750,000 for slander and libel, (2) the student counter-sued T&J, (3) T&J lost one half of its commercial accounts, (4) the student’s lawyers are considering adding a class action lawsuit after the student’s Facebook page “found” many other people who claimed to have been harmed by T&J.

“Suing an angry college student with 11,000 followers is ‘like dousing dry sticks with kerosene and lighting a match’ . . . .”