Journal of Accoutancy:  “The ringing in of the new year at midnight on Dec. 31 also signaled the expiration of several tax provisions.  The biggest was the estate and generation-skipping tax regime, which is repealed for 2010.  Various bills have been introduced that would revive the estate tax in its 2009 form, but as of Jan. 1 no extension has been enacted, and the estate and generation-skipping taxes, at least temporarily, no longer exist.  In addition, a number of temporary tax provisions, often referred to as “extenders,” have expired as of Jan. 1.  They include tax credits, deductions and various tax incentives.  Many of the provisions have been extended several times in the past, and a bill to extend them again is pending in Congress (HR 4213).  It passed the House on Dec. 9, 2009, and has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee.”