Washington Post:  “Before they gained international notoriety by walking into the White House without an invitation, Tareq and Michaele Salahi were well known inside courthouses all around the capital area. A review of court records shows that more than 30 lawsuits in Virginia and Maryland have been filed against one or both of the Salahis, or a company they ran, since 2004.  Some cases are pending, and some were settled out of court.  Many times the judges ordered the couple to pay their bills but they haven’t yet.  In rare cases, the Salahis won. 

The picture that emerges from court documents and interviews with detectives, sheriff’s deputies and two dozen people who say they were bilked is that the Salahis created for themselves a fantastic world of champagne bubbles and fashion, famous friends and jet-setting good times, when, in fact, the reality was far different.”