The Chronicle of Higher Education:  “The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights today approved a list of 19 colleges and universities that it will examine for evidence of gender discrimination in undergraduate admissions.  The commission aims to find out if the institutions — a mix of public, private, religious, secular, and historically black colleges and universities — are violating Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 by giving admissions preferences to men as the number of female applicants rises.”

The colleges and the characteristics cited by the commission in selecting them are as follows:

  • Historically black colleges: Howard University, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Virginia Union University.
  • Religious colleges: Catholic University of America, Loyola College in Maryland and Messiah College.
  • Highly selective private institutions: Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University and Gettysburg College.
  • Very selective private institution: University of Richmond.
  • Moderately selective private institutions: Goucher College, Goldey-Beacom College, Washington College and York College of Pennsylvania.
  • Moderately selective public institutions: Shepherd University, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware and University of Maryland-Baltimore County.

The intellectual elites and government want to discriminate when women are given preference over men, but not when men are favored over women.  See “Selective Concern On Sex Imbalances,” which states:

Women now claim more than 57 percent of all bachelor’s degrees, 61 percent of all master’s degrees, and half of all professional and doctoral degrees, according to Education Department data cited by University of Michigan economist Mark Perry and others. They also earn more Ph.D.s than men in the humanities, education, health sciences, and social sciences, in-cluding two-thirds of new psychology doctorates. . . . But advocates of this disparity-proves-discrimination dogma apply it quite selectively. They have shown virtually no concern about the small and shrinking percentages of males in colleges generally and in most academic fields.

Instead, the interest — self-interest, in many cases — of the gender-equity cops is in pushing for spending programs, hiring goals, and other preferential treatment for women and girls over men and boys in hard sciences, engineering, and math.Administration officials and others are “promising to litigate, regulate, and legislate the nation’s universities until women obtain half of all academic degrees in science and technology and hold half of the faculty positions in those areas,” as my colleague Neil Munro detailed in the July 4 National Journal.