PrawfsBlawg:  “Arizona has among the most liberal gun laws in the United States. One that directly impacts the University of Arizona (and ASU) is A.R.S. Section 12-781, which took effect on September 30, and prohibits “a property owner, tenant, public or private employer or business entity” from banning the possession of firearms locked and out of sight in cars. The University of Arizona strictly prohibits all firearms, even though in Arizona in general it is legal to carry a handgun openly without a permit, and concealed carry permits are easy to get (something like 3% of the adult population has one). The University is particularly concerned about weapons because in 2002, three nursing professors were murdered by a student who then killed himself. After September 30, there could be scores or hundreds of guns on campus in parked cars, which some fear could precipitate another mass shooting or other gun incidents. My prediction is that the new law will have no impact on safety at the University.”