Cities, Businesses Mull Spending Money Government Doesn’t Have for Railroad Opportunities that are Money Losers

The Arizona Republic reports that a group of idiots called the Southwest Valley Rail Partnership got together recently during these dire economic times to discuss how they can convince elected officials to take government deeper into debt to purchase the money losing sink hole called passenger railroads.  These people are not interested in learning the facts that passenger rail in the United States cannot make money, but they do love railroads and spending other people’s money on railroads that few people will ever use.  If you don’t believe that passenger rail is a big money loser, read these articles:

1.  Government-Run Rail System Losing $32 per Passenger, Study Shows

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3. Money train: The cost of high-speed rail

“It is a fact that no nationwide passenger rail system anywhere in the world is considered profitable when all costs — including capital — are accounted for,” . . . “Amtrak released a study in April to demonstrate that Europe’s system is heavily subsidized. Germany’s high-speed rail network, the most expensive in Europe, required average annual subsidies of $11.6 billion during the 10-year span that ended in 2006, according to the Amtrak study.”

Arizona, Its Counties & Cities Have Massive Money Problems So Some Idiots Want Governments to Spend Money They Don’t Have to Build Passenger Rail from Wittmann to Queen Creek

Arizona Republic:  “The coalition of 17 agencies, including Surprise, Maricopa Association of Governments and BNSF Railway, wants to put passenger trains on freight lines and link to other modes of transportation, such as light rail and buses. . . . The Wittmann-Queen Creek corridor, which combines two routes, is forecast to bring 10,000 passengers a day by 2030 . . . . The projected cost was $16.7 million per mile for passenger service on the Grand Avenue corridor, from Wittmann to central Phoenix, and $14.9 million a mile for the Southeast corridor.  In comparison, light rail’s cost is $65 million per mile.”

Where do these idiots come from?  The State of Arizona is $2 billion in the whole, Phoenix is #244 million in the whole, all the cities and counties are hurting financially because tax revenue is way down.  Phoenix is building a $1.2 billion extension of the light rail to Sky Harbor airport, but doesn’t have the money.  Phoenix is also on the hook for $300 million for the new downtown convention center.  State and local governments in Arizona are cutting spending at all levels.  Nevertheless, some loons think government should spend money it doesn’t have to help a small number of people who might take the train – they estimate 10,000 people a day by 2030.  That is 20 YEARS FROM NOW!

Please read the story.  The nut jobs who want the nifty passenger trains suggest several tax increases to pay for the new passenger rail that virtually nobody will ride.

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