New Lead Paint Regulations 2.0

Arizona contractors – are you ready for the new federal lead paint regulations that are effective April 22, 2010?  Virginia Real Estate, Land Use & Construction Law Blog:  “The next wave of the EPA’s lead paint regulations take effect on April 22. These regulations will impose new training, certification, work practice and record keeping requirements on contractors performing renovations on structures built prior to 1978. . . . A number of people have asked me specific, important questions which I would like to give my take on, which can be viewed below . . . .”

See the new regulation – Title 40 Part 745 — LEAD-BASED PAINT POISONING PREVENTION IN CERTAIN RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES.  To see if your state will be the primary regulator (the lead paint police) of the lead paint regulation in your state rather than the federal government, see the EPA Authorization to States for Manage RRP Rule.