California’s High Speed Rail to No Where a Monetary Black Hole for Bankrupt CA & US

Gas 2.0:  “California has plans for an 800-mile high-speed rail system running the length of the Golden State, and initial estimates place the cost somewhere around $45 billion . . . . Even a 800 mile journey begins with the first step, and California has been trying to find the area most receptive to the idea of a high-speed rail line. They found that place in the Central Valley, between Borden and Bakersfield, with stations to be built in Fresno and the Hanford area of Kings County. In total, the plan calls for 65 miles of track and stations at a cost of about $4 billion.”

The government idiots spending other people’s money the governments don’t have plan to build the 65 mile rail segment in central California complete with tracks and stations, but let it sit dormant without trains or riders for years until the 500 mile LA to SF segment is complete some time in a future that is far far away.  The proposed 65 mile segment between the towns of Borden and Corcoran would truly be the rail system from nowhere to nowhere.  There is no guarantee that the remainder of the rail system would ever be built.

In an article called “Subsidy Trains to Nowhere,” the Wall St. Journal estimates the actual cost to be between $62 billion and $213 billion.  Wisconsin Governor elect Scott Walker and Ohio Governor elect John Kasich asked  the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood if he would use the $1.2 billion in federal funds allocated to those two states to repair roads in their states, but LaHood reallocated all of the money to high speed rail projects in 13 other states.

Mystery California Train – a High Speed Rail Black Hole  “How has California’s high-speed rail project survived for 14 years without a plan, a budget, or a single accomplishment? . .  If you were looking to take some easy shots at government waste and abuse, you’d have a hard time topping California State Auditor Elaine M. Howle’s recent assessment of the Golden State’s 14-year-old high-speed rail project.  Since 1996—twice as long as the Transcontinental Railroad took from approval to completion in the 1860s—the bullet train project has cost taxpayers more than $250 million, yet not one millimeter of track has been laid. . . .the bullet train is the centerpiece in President Barack Obama’s national rail plan. . . . the Authority has done no research on the project’s potential revenue, including such no-brainers as an analysis of ridership on existing high-speed trains.  the bullet train is a case study in the immortality of a bad idea.

Facts reported in the California State Auditor’s audit:

  1. It’s CEO makes $375,000-a-year
  2. Federal government will pay $2.5 billion in federal funds to build the high speed rail
  3. California voters approved $9 billion in bond funds to build the high speed rail
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