Highest Court of Maryland Holds That Second Amendment Does Not Protect Carrying (Concealed or Not) of Guns Outside the Home

The Volokh Conspiracy:  “Here’s the opinion, handed down today, in Williams v. State. The court interprets Heller and McDonald as focused on home possession of guns, arguing that ‘it is clear that prohibition of firearms in the home was the gravamen of the certiorari questions in both Heller and McDonald and their answers. If the Supreme Court, in this dicta, meant its holding to extend beyond home possession, it will need to say so more plainly.’  I don’t think this analysis is right.”

Gun License Fees and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Self-Defense

The Volokh Conspiracy:  “After McDonald, and the newly enacted Chicago handgun ordinance, people are again turning to whether and when gun license fees are unconstitutional. I’ve heard some argue that under existing constitutional rules applicable to other rights — especially the First Amendment — any fee for the exercise of a constitutional right is per se unconstitutional. But rightly or wrongly, that turns out not to be the case. Here’s an excerpt from my Implementing the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Self-Defense article.”

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