Washington Set to Control Your Light Switch

Big Government:  “Ever since this continent was electrificated, Americans have been allowed to plug anything they want into their own electrical outlet. . . . When President Bush signed The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 we saw the first limits on which appliances we can use in our homes. . . . The next step in Green won’t even require Congressional approval. The Department of Energy recently decided they have authority over appliances in your home. Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently issued five new energy efficiency standards for large appliances, and is reworking the policy to include ten new categories.”

See “Energy Department Says It Has ‘Mandate’ to Force ‘Market Transformation’ for Household Appliances.”

Feds Approving Bogus Products as ‘Energy-Efficient,’ Investigation Finds

Fox News:  “The federal government has been slapping ‘energy-efficient’ ratings on products that don’t even exist — including a bogus space heater with a duster stuck to it and an alarm clock supposedly powered by gasoline.   These fake products were submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy for approval as part of an undercover investigation by the Government Accountability Office.”

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