Teen Sues School Because It Won’t Allow Her to Play Basketball with Her Service Dog Carrying Two Oxygen Tanks

Daily Herald:  A 17 year old girl wanted to play on a basket ball team while she is connected by a plastic tube to an oxygen tank carried by her service dog.  “But her family was told it was ‘not appropriate’ for Jenny to be on the basketball court with her service dog and oxygen tank, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday on Jenny’s behalf by Equip for Equality, a legal advocacy organization.”

If the girl played on the team and a player tripped over the dog or the tube and were injured, who do you think would be sued?  Both the girl and the school would be defendants in the lawsuit and the school would probably be liable.  Wouldn’t all reasonable people say that having the dog and tube connected to the girl on the court creates a dangerous condition and an accident waiting to happen?  Guess what the lawsuit is based on?  The Americans with Disabilities Act.  Do you think that when Congress passed the ADA, they intended it to give the girl the right to play basketball with her service dog in tow?

Unintended Consequences of the Americans With Disabilities Act

Congress passes laws without any consideration of the unintended consequences of the laws.  Magicians and TV journalists Penn & Teller’s video is a shocking eye-opener about the untended consequences of the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it has harmed, rather than helped the disabled.  The video also shows the stupidity of the governing class.  For example, the ADA requires that all automated teller machines (ATMs) at bank drive-ups must have keys with Braille so that blind drivers can operate the ATMs.  Many employers are afraid to hire the handicapped because they are called “walking or rolling lawsuits” because they have special standing and rights to sue.

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