Drone Policy Abuzz in Washington

Roll Call:  “An army of small drones are heading for the national airspace this holiday season . . . . The flood of new aircraft — and new pilots — is expected as federal officials are preparing to tighten their grip on drone fliers. The Federal Aviation Administration said in October it would require registration of drones . . . . Federal rules already require commercial users to register to fly drones, also known as unmanned aircraft systems. But officials, as well as representatives of the aviation industry, are worried that recreational drone users, including the pajama-clad pilots who might take their drone for a virgin flight on Christmas Day, might not understand the rules behind launching into U.S. airspace.”

Georgia Tech Prof Expelled from Global Warming Fraternity for Asking Questions

The Spectator:  “For engaging with skeptics, and discussing uncertainties in projections frankly, this Georgia professor

[Judith Curry] is branded a heretic. It is safe to predict that when 20,000 world leaders, officials, green activists and hangers-on convene in Paris next week for the 21st United Nations climate conference, one person you will not see much quoted is Professor Judith Curry. This is a pity. Her record of peer-reviewed publication in the best climate-science journals is second to none, and in America she has become a public intellectual. But on this side of the Atlantic, apparently, she is too ‘challenging’. What is troubling about her pariah status is that her trenchant critique of the supposed consensus on global warming is not derived from warped ideology, let alone funding by fossil-fuel firms, but from solid data and analysis.  Some consider her a heretic. According to Professor Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, a vociferous advocate of extreme measures to prevent a climatic Armageddon, she is ‘anti-science’. Curry isn’t fazed by the slur.”

Climate Change Will Not Be Dangerous for a Long Time

Scientific American: “The climate change debate has been polarized into a simple dichotomy. Either global warming is ‘real, man-made and dangerous,’ as Pres. Barack Obama thinks, or it’s a ‘hoax,’ as Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe thinks. But there is a third possibility: that it is real, man-made and not dangerous, at least not for a long time.  This ‘lukewarm’ option has been boosted by recent climate research, and if it is right, current policies may do more harm than good.”

97% of Americans Aren’t Worried about Global Warming

The Daily Caller:  “While 97 percent of scientists may agree mankind is driving global warming, 97 percent of Americans don’t seem to care about the issue when stacked up against other concerns such as terrorism or the economy, according to a recent Fox News poll.  A November Fox News poll of more than 1,000 registered voters found that only 3 percent listed “climate change” as the most important issue facing the country today, down from 5 percent in August. Americans were much more worried about terrorism, the economy and immigration than global warming.”

Nonsense: Top Scientists Demolish Alarmism Behind UN Climate Summit

The Daily Caller:  “A panel of prominent scientists debunked one of the most popular global warming arguments ahead of a major United Nations climate summit to take place in Paris later this month.  The scientists slammed policies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as ‘nonsense,‘ and they criticized politicians and activists for claiming the world was on the path for catastrophic global warming.  ‘The most important thing to keep in mind is — when you ask ‘is it warming, is it cooling’, etc.  — is that we are talking about something tiny (temperature changes) and that is the crucial point,’ Dr. Richard Lindzen, a veteran climate scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

Judge Dismisses Charges Filed Against Man Who Shot Down a Drone Over His Land

Future Tense:  “If you shoot at a drone that has strayed onto your property, more often than not you will be arrested and made to reimburse the drone’s owner. Every now and then, though, armed vigilantism pays off. For proof of this, I bring you the case of a Kentucky man named William Merideth—otherwise known as the Drone Slayer.  On July 26, 2015, after his daughter reported seeing a strange drone hovering nearby, Merideth grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun, stepped onto his porch, and fired at the object once it crossed over his property line.

For several laws that could be used against a drone slayer see the The Volokh Conspiracy article on this shoot down. See also WDRB News story.

ABC Predicts NY City Under Water by June 2015

ABC News:  “NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015.  New York City underwater? Gas over $9 a gallon? A carton of milk costs almost $13? Welcome to June 12, 2015. Or at least that was the wildly-inaccurate version of 2015 predicted by ABC News exactly seven years ago. The segment included supposedly prophetic videos, such as a teenager declaring, “It’s June 8th, 2015. One carton of milk is $12.99.” (On the actual June 8, 2015, a gallon of milk cost, on average, $3.39.) Another clip featured this prediction for the current year: “Gas reached over $9 a gallon.” (In reality, gas costs an average of $2.75.)”

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