Boston Herald:  “A third-year Boston College Law School student facing dismal job prospects and a mountain of student loan debt has offered the prestigious Hub institution a unique deal: Keep the degree … and give me back my tuition! In an open letter to BC Law’s Interim Dean George Brown posted on EagleiOnline— an online student-run newspaper at BC’s law school — the anonymous dissatisfied customer said soon-to-be grads are about to enter “one of the worst job markets in the history of our profession” and an “overwhelming majority” of them can’t find jobs.”

See “Boston College 3L Asks for His Money Back; Hilarity Ensues.”  Read the full letter on EagleiOnline,  The unfortunate law student wrote:

“my wife is pregnant with our first child. She is due in April.  With fatherhood impending, I go to bed every night terrified of the thought of trying to provide for my child AND paying off my J.D, and resentful at the thought that I was convinced to go to law school by empty promises of a fulfilling and remunerative career. . . . there are a lot of us facing similar financial disasters. . . . we have had very little help from career services, who all seem to be as confounded as we are by this job market. . . . everyone else in that office has shrugged their shoulders at us and asked if we have tried using Linkedin.

I’d like to propose a solution to this problem: I am willing to leave law school, without a degree, at the end of this semester. In return, I would like a full refund of the tuition I’ve paid over the last two and a half years.”

If only the school would do the right thing and refund the student’s money.  If Boston College did refund the tuition, however, the floodgates would open as many more students would also want a refund.