1.  Investors Business Daily:  “Media Miss Cartels’ War In U.S.”

Los Angeles and its suburbs are in grave danger of becoming outposts for Mexican drug- and immigrant-smuggling cartels, according to local law enforcement officials.”

This article says that the Los Angeles police department and the FBI say that they know of SEVEN Mexican drug cartels that operate in Los Angeles and its suburbs.

2.  Houston Chronicle:  “Slain girl’s family demands immigration crackdown

“Family members of a teen gunned down last week railed against America’s immigration policy on Friday after learning one of the suspected gunmen was in the country illegally. . . . Immigration officials have said Alvarado [one of the alleged gunmen]  was deported in April 2008 and again in May 2009.”

3.  Investors Business Daily:  “Don’t Tread On Florida”

“Like Arizona’s law, McCollum’s proposed statute announced last week, to be sponsored in the Florida legislature by state Rep. William Snyder, would require police officers to verify a suspect’s immigration status during all lawful stops, detentions and arrests when reasonable suspicion exists.”

4.  Arizona Republic:  “Arizona’s illegal immigrants can easily avoid E-verify system

5.  Arizona Republic:  “Illegal immigrant worker audits, loopholes

6.  Arizona Republic:  “Scottsdale council members wouldn’t take stand on SB 1070

7.  Michelle Malkin:  “HSINO: The $600 million Homeland Security In Name Only bill

8.  The Volokh Conspiracy:  “How much border security does $600 million buy?

Short answer:  Not too much.