1.  National Review:  “The Radicalism of the Anti-Arizona Suit”

“To make the case that the Arizona immigration law conflicts with, and therefore is preempted by, federal law, the Justice Department has to make an extraordinary claim — that the federal laws as written don’t matter so much.”

2.  National Review:  “Respecting the Law”

“The rule of law is indispensable for America and its immigration policy. . . . Respect for the rule of law seems natural to most Americans, but it is largely an anomaly in the history of other nations. Nowhere is this more evident than in Latin America.”

3.  National Review:  “Bullets across the U.S.–Mexican Border”

“Illegal immigration affects the entire United States. But the Southwest now has an even more immediate problem: bullets whizzing across the border.”

4.  Phoenix Business Journal:  “Police union irked by Phoenix chief’s opposition to immigration law

5.  Arizona Republic:  “Brief for 9 states backs Arizona immigration law”  Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and Virginia joined in the brief supporting Arizona.

6.  Arizona Republic:  “S. Dakota files brief supporting Arizona immigration law

7.  Arizona Republic:  “Selig: Arizona’s immigration law is not a baseball issue

8.  Arizona Republic:  “Arizona immigration law opens farm jobs to unemployed

9.  Arizona Republic:  “Lawyers ponder Arizona immigration law’s impact

10.  Arizona Republic:  “Judge to hear lawsuit vs. Arizona’s immigration law

11.  Los Angeles Times:  “Immigration now a top concern among Latinos, poll shows