1.  The Daily Caller:  “Florida may have Arizona-like anti-illegal immigration law by August

2.  Arizona Republic:Lawsuit to limit human-smuggling prosecutions revived

3.  Ann Althouse:  Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney’s jail policy is to report to ICE every new inmate who cannot produce proof he or she is a legal resident.

4.  Arizona Republic:  Phoenix Law Enforcement Associations says Phoenix Police Chief Jack “Harris take on SB 1070 violated policy.”  The PLEA is asking for an investigation of Chief Harris to determine if he violated policy in speaking out against SB 1070 or filling a brief in an anti-SB 1070 law suit.

5.  CBS News:  “Poll: Support for Arizona Immigration Law Hits 57 Percent

6.  Former NY Mayor Ed Koch:  “Obama Must Rethink His Immigration Position

“The President glosses over the fact that if we are not able to police our borders, as soon as the current 11 million illegals are given amnesty, a new crop of illegals will be walking across our borders.”

7 .  Arizona Republic:  “Brewer: Ad campaign to combat misinformation on Arizona’s immigration law