More proof that the taxpayers exist to pay for the ruling class.  Orange County Register:  “the city manager of Bell [California], Robert Rizzo, receives a salary of $787,637 as the top bureaucrat in a city of about 38,000 residents, mostly Latinos. Bell’s Police Chief Randy Adams makes $457,000 a year while Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia gets $376,288. This might not sound like a lot to you but Bell is one of the poorest cities in L.A. County.”  That’s a combined salary of $1,620,925 for the three imperial city workers.  The police chief makes more than the head of the Los Angeles (population 3.8 miillion) Police Department.  Four of the five members of the part time city council make almost $100,000 a year.  When Rizzo retires, he will become the highest paid retired California employee at over $650,000 a year.

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