Wall St. Journal:  “For decades, even through a multitude of dismal seasons, New Orleans Saints fans have belted out a cheer they say is as much a part of the fabric of their city as jambalaya and jazz: ‘Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints? Who Dat? Who Dat?’  Now some are asking, ‘Who dat trying to spoil our fun?’   The Saints’ win last Sunday over the Minnesota Vikings vaulted the team into its first Super Bowl, lifting, at least temporarily, the long shadow of Hurricane Katrina over the city.  But just as New Orleans is revving itself into a fever pitch about the Feb. 7 showdown in Miami against the Indianapolis Colts, the National Football League is claiming ownership of the phrase ‘Who Da’t.”

See a related story by the Associated Press where the Attorney General of Louisiana says sellers of Who Dat products do not need approval from the NFL if the products do not relate to the Saints football team.

Update:  The NFL apparently has backed off on its trademark infringement claims.